Rubber products for the fishing industry

Tell us which rubber product you need. We produce rubber in all shapes for fisheries.

Specialists in rubber products suitable for fisheries

We produce fishery products of all kinds

Since 1983, we have produced rubber products for the fisheries industry. That’s why we dare call ourselves specialists, whatever you need from conveyor rolls and rolls for deep water haulers or power blocks and net drums. We are also skilled at applying natural rubber on balls of all sizes and rubber on rolls – and we also make covers, belts and balls for all kinds of nethalers and net clearers.

We do not compromise on quality

When it comes to fisheries, quality is an indispensable parameter. That’s why we have developed a rubber grade that is optimal for the fisheries industry. We heat-vulcanize all our collections and can therefore guarantee you a rubber product that lasts longer - whether you need a fishing pump or a roller for deep water haulers.


We know that repairing rubber pays off

Defective fishing gear can cost you dearly, if there is a hole in a fish pump hose or a ball has broken apart. You know this. But do you also know that repairing rubber parts for fishing often pays off? If you put us on the job, we can typically repair your rubber product and deliver it back in a quality that lasts as long as a new one.

Delivered (almost) immediately

Is the timing critical for when we can deliver the fishery product you need? Then it’s best you contact us. For example, if you arrive at the port at 10 p.m. and need a new fishing net ball the next morning, we can usually perform the task - here and now. Lightning-fast delivery is part of our DNA. And that’s why we are happy to put on all sails and work 24/7 if your task requires it.

Something for you?

Do you have a specific rubber product or serial production in mind? We would like to count on it. Receiving an offer is free and non-binding.

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We purchase our fish pump hoses at RG Rom Gummi, because they can assembly them in the lenghts that we want. Quality costs, and these do too, but in return they also last longer.

John-Anker Hametner Larsen
Rederiet Hametner

We know everything that’s worth knowing about rubber products for fisheries

With +30 years of experience in manufacturing and repairing rubber products, we know each and every corner of the fisheries industry. And we solve small and large tasks for all types of fisheries industries. Regardless of the scope of the job, we know that quality and delivery time are often crucial. That’s why we have developed our own rubber grade, which is especially durable for fisheries. And we also work both day and night to be able to deliver when you need it.


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We make the rubber product you need

Whether you need to develop a new fishery product or to repair an old one, we can help you. We are constantly developing new products in cooperation with fishers, and can make almost everything in rubber for the fishing industry. For example:

Groove rollers

Net drums

Rubber balls

Fish pumps

Belts for nethalers

Conveyor belts and conveyor rollers

Here are some of our customers

On our customer lists, you will find everything from small fishers to large fisheries groups.

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Do you have a specific rubber product or serial production in mind? We would like to count on it. Receiving an offer is free and non-binding.

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