Rubber products for the food industry

Food-suitable products that are approved for all types of food industries

The best reasons why we should produce your rubber products

Approved for the food industry

You can use our products in the food industry with a good conscience. We control the quality of rubber, which applies to products for the food industry. And we have rubber that is approved according to the international FDA standard. Both silicone rubber and other rubber types.

From 1 belt to thousands of rubber wheels

We produce rubber products for different food industries - from slaughterhouses to chewing gum factories. For us, it’s not critical whether you need a single roller, or if you need many. Our production equipment is flexible and we can handle many types of rubber products for the food industry. Ask us - we'll find a solution quickly.

Quality makes the difference

It can be difficult to see the difference between rubber grades. You only know once the product is in use. For example, it might cost you dearly if a conveyor belt is not running, or a rubber wheel stops the process. That’s why we never compromise on quality. We produce in an approved rubber grade, which ensures your product a longer life. You can count on that.

We deliver lightning-fast.

Operating and production shutdowns are often expensive. Every minute counts. When you’re (acutely) in need of a rubber product in production, it’s a good idea to contact us. We have a flexible set-up, which enables us to produce and deliver quickly. We are happy to work both day and night to minimize your downtime.

Repair that prolongs service life

If your production has stopped because of a defective conveyor belt, for example, are you quick to invest in a new one? Next time it might be worth it to consider asking us for a repair. Our experience is that repair is the cheaper solution - also in the long run. We can often fix your rubber product here and now, and deliver it back in a quality that lasts as long as a new one.

Something for you?

Do you have a specific rubber product or serial production in mind? We would like to count on it. Receiving an offer is free and non-binding.

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A series of traceable products

Since 2010, we have run our own range of hygiene and production technology tools for food and pharmaceutical production. Common to all the products is that they are traceable either by X-ray or a metal detector. Thus, they meet the traceability requirements that both the EU and other national directives prescribe. 

More about RG Detectline

Rubber products that meet the strict requirements of the food industry - delivered fast

When it comes to rubber parts and products for the food industry, just ask us. We have the necessary experience. And we know the food industry so well, that we know that fast delivery is often crucial to you. That’s why we are happy to work 24/7 if you need a special rubber product.


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Hot vulcanization ensures longer life

When we produce moulded rubber products, such as rollers for the food industry, it is typically through the process of hot vulcanization. This is a process where the rubber flows together and becomes dimensionally stable using pressure and heat.

This ensures optimum adhesion between the rubber coating and the roller core. You avoid corrosion and achieve proper hygiene in the production of food. This way, you get a quality product with a long service life.

Here are some of our customers

On our customer lists, you will find everything from small slaughterhouses to large dairies.

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Do you have a specific rubber product or rubber solution in mind? We would like to count on it. Receiving an offer is free and non-binding.

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