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In all forms in all sizes

Whether you need a ship fender or a rubber solution for windmills, we can help you. Our expertise ranges widely when it comes to deliveries to the offshore industry. For us, it is not critical whether you need 1 or 1000 fenders, or if they are 0.5 or 5 meters. We produce rubber solutions of all sizes and shapes - no matter how few or how many you need.

Quality is never compromised

When it comes to everything else, aside from quality, we are flexible. Here we remain resolute. We do so because the offshore industry typically places high demands on the product’s characteristics. The products must be able to endure in harsh conditions. Therefore, we have developed a special rubber type for marine environments. We always evaluate the application and, together with the customer, produce in the quality that solves the task. Best and cheapest.

We are specialists in hot-vulcanization

For more than 30 years, we have been working with hot-vulcanizing rubber on metal units such as neoprene on boat landings, j-tubes, etc; a process that provides 100% binding to the metal. We can supply both hot-vulcanized rubber on the inside and outside of a pipe, including large items. In addition, we can add ribs to the rubber coating, either in the moulding process or as a finishing, for optimum shock absorption. In short, we know what it takes to make a sustainable solution for the offshore industry.

Delivered (almost) immediately

We know that you sometimes end up in situations where you need fast delivery, here and now. For this reason, we have a flexible production apparatus that enables us to produce and deliver quickly. We also are happy to work at night, so that we can have your items ready the next morning. If you know that you are often lacking specific rubber products, we would also be happy to stock them for you. Lightning-fast delivery is part of our DNA. 

Specialists in repairs

A defective fender or the like can cost you dearly. That’s why you often are quick to order a new one. Next time you should consider a repair, and for good reason. Our experience is that there’s a lot of money to be saved by repairing rubber products. We specialize in repairing rubber products, and can often refurbish the product and deliver it back to you in a quality that lasts as long as a new one.

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Rubber solutions for the offshore industry you can count on. Year after year.

Are you looking for a rubber solution that lasts? We have supplied rubber to the offshore industry since 1983, including wind turbine foundations, oil and gas, CTVs and fisheries. This has given us great technical expertise on manufacturing rubber products, which we bring with us into every solution. We would also like to share our expertise with you and actively participate in the development of new products and solutions, from the drawing board to finished product.


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We make the rubber solution you need

Regardless which type of rubber solution you need, we can help you. We are also happy to develop new products in cooperation with you and your colleagues. See some of the rubber solutions we can make for you here:

Neoprene for boat landings on eg. TP (Transition Piece) and Jacket foundation

Neoprene for pipe holders

Neoprene on j-tubes

Manhole gaskets

Rubber coating on cradles for non-slip transport of wings, etc.

Undersea cable depositions

Offshore wind projects that RG Rom Gummi has been involved in

Read more about the windparks here


Ship fenders in a separate company

Since 2008, ship fenders and fender systems have developed into one of our professional specialties. In fact, so much so that we have established our own company, RG Seasight Fenders, in cooperation with Hvidesande Ship and Baade Construction. This is a company that knows everything worth knowing about fenders for the offshore industry - and that produces the market's (perhaps) best fenders for both at home and abroad.

More about RG Seasight Fenders

Here are some of our customers

On our customer lists, you will find everything from shipyards to large wind turbine companies.

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Do you have a specific rubber product or rubber solution in mind? We would like to count on it. Receiving an offer is free and non-binding.

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