Ruber products for the whole wind industry

RG Rom Gummi are specialists and one of the leaders in Europe in production and development of rubber and plastic solutions for wind turbines. For more than 38 years we have in collaboration with wind turbine manufacturers developed a rubber quality that is especially suitable for the wind turbine industry.

We are for example deliverable in: 

  • Air tight gaskets

  • Specially developed fenders/vibration dampers for towers

+1.500 wind turbines on the CV

Over time, RG Rom Gummi has developed and manufactured more than 10.000 rubber products for more than 1.500 wind turbines spread across the globe.

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RG Rom Gummi er specialister og blandt de førende i Europa hvad angår produktion og udvikling af gummiprodukter til vindmøller. Gennem 38 år har vi, i samarbejde med vindmølleproducenter, udviklet en gummikvalitet som er specielt egnet til vindmølleindustrien. 

Vi udfører blandt andet:

  • Air tight pakninger 

  • Specialudviklet fendere/vibrationsdæmpere til tårne 

+1.500 vindmøller på CV’et

RG Rom Gummi har gennem tiden udviklet og produceret + 10.000 gummiprodukter til +1.500 vindmøller fordelt på hele kloden.

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Relaterede cases

Special-made vibration dampers

In-house production and valuable know-how

With our production facilities in Lemvig we have the capacity to solve even the largest projects in-house. We are specialized in mounting rubber on various types of steel elements, which are often included in offshore wind turbine foundations, j-tubes, platforms or boat landings. When we supply rubber to the wind turbine industry, it typically happens with hot vulcanization, a manufacturing process that gives the rubber the necessary high durability and abrasion resistance.

We can both hot vulcanize on the inside and outside of the steel elements, and in addition we can also add ribs/pattern to the rubber coating - this provides optimal shock absorption or grip.

55 offshore wind farms

We are proud to be a supplier of rubber solutions to the wind industry, and in this way contribute to the green transition. We have produced and delivered +24,000 rubber products to 55 offshore wind farms around the globe.

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