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Do you want to work at Rom Gummi? Then take a look at our job postings - and apply immediately if it's precisely you we're looking for.

We are growing and need more hands

Since 2008, we have grown to five times as many employees. This has earned us the title, the Gazelle company. We are in a good development and often need new employees. Will you be next? Send us an application - even if there is no job posting that suits you.

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Flexible working hours

Do you also have a family and leisure life that needs to get along with your work? Then you can look forward to great flexibility. Your needs may change from week to week - just as production may vary from week to week.

A business in growth

Do you want to join us on our journey? We are a growth company that is growing bigger and bigger, with both feet firmly planted in the Jutland mulch. Here, you will have good development opportunities, and you will be heard if you come up with new ideas. You can look forward to attractive employment terms with good staff benefits.

True West Jutland colleagues

We are West Jutlanders of origin. And the majority of employees are as well. Skilful and trustworthy. So, if you are looking for sparring and professional advice, there's plenty to find here. Fortunately, a sense of humour is found here too - we are good at laughing together.