Påmontering fødevaeegnet gummi på 10m lang valse

Hot-vulcanization of rubber for 10m long roller

In this project, RG Rom Gummi has hot vulcanized rubber on a 10m long roller.

Thanks to the right type of rubber and a ride in our autoclave (vulcanization oven), the customer has got a roller that can withstand an extra large load. The advantage of vulcanization is that it gives the rubber a much better bond to the steel core compared to if the rubber was glued on. In fact, it is so strong that the rubber is impossible to separate from the steel core.

We specialize in vulcanization and today have 7 autoclaves (vulcanization furnaces), where our largest furnace can vulcanize items up to 10 meters in length. This means that we are the only ones in Denmark that can produce extraordinarily large rollers, where the wear resistance is out of the ordinary.