Slidstærke båndpudser- og kontakthjul

Wheels and rollers

Every week we manufacture hundreds of wheels and rollers in several variations for different uses, but the same for all of them is that they are produced from scratch in Lemvig. We are responsible for all processes involved in the production to ensure that the product has the right quality and that it is adapted to the needs and requirements specification.

Processes in the production can include mentioned:

  • Providing the right steel core
  • Sandblasting of steel cores (this means that the coating can be mounted better)
  • Vulcanization of rubber
  • Cutting pattern
  • Balancing the finished item
  • Existing wheels or rollers can typically be easily renovated, regardless of the size, type and material of the item. With our machines and tools, we can effectively remove the current coating, and subsequently vulcanize a new fresh coating.

Our production apparatus in Lemvig is flexible, and we are happy to produce both a few items or an entire series production. Contact us without obligation to hear more about the possibilities within wheels and rollers.