Skridsikre måtter til bade- og flydebroer

Perfect rubber mat for wet areas with a lot of traffic

We are able to supply rubber mats for use on e.g. bathing and floating bridges, where our RG Ring Mat Light is the obvious choice for this! The knurled surface makes the mat a non-slip solution. The rubber also ensures an elastic mat, which is comfortable to walk on - even with bare feet.

With the thin thickness of only 10 mm. the mat is suitable for use in wet areas with a lot of traffic - eg on bathing jetties, floating bridges, in port environments and on boat decks. The ring structure also ensures drainage of both water and dirt.

The mat can easily be fixed, and can withstand both frost and snow. The mat is therefore ideal for use in lake baths and winter swimming clubs. The mat can be easily fastened with screws and washers, and can be easily cut if required, by e.g. step.