Udskæring af +1.000m² gummidug til vindmølleplatform

Cutting of + 1,000m² rubber sheet for wind turbine platforms

We produce rubber solutions for the wind and offshore industry every day.

The pictures show a selection of + 1,000m² rubber cloth which was cut on our plotter cutter. The finished carved items must be laid under platform gratings on offshore wind turbine foundations.
The foundations for RWE Kaskasi Offshore Windfarm are manufactured by Bladt Industries A / S, which has manufactured and put a fingerprint on more than 2,300 wind turbine foundations.

In order to adapt the construction, hooks and corners 100% to the area of ​​the platform, complex contours must be cut out in different shapes and dimensions. The rubber sheet is cut quickly on our own cutting plotter, always with a nice result and a great accuracy.

Our cutting plotter has a cutting table of 2500x1800mm, and can handle most types of materials. We cut to a digital drawing, so the possibilities are endless, whether it is a straight cut or complex contours.
We are proud to be a supplier of rubber solutions for the wind and offshore industry, and in this way contribute to the green transition.

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