Installation of reinforcement mesh on steel pipes with superglue

Fast and effective superglue

How to mount a reinforcement mesh on a wind turbine foundation quickly and efficiently.
Our own special glue has made it possible for Bladt Industries to mount reinforcement mesh on steel pipes for wind turbine foundations. To mount the reinforcement nets, a total of approx. 2,000 so-called spacers, and these are the ones that are glued to the steel pipes.

The glue provides the necessary strong adhesion, even if the spacers and the glue are applied directly to the rusty steel surface, which has not been pretreated. In addition, the glue hardens in just 30-50 seconds, which makes it easy and fast for Bladt Industries to work with. Once cured, the adhesive can even withstand temperatures from -50 ° to 135 °.

Before Bladt Industries came to us, they had challenges in acquiring an adhesive that could achieve an adhesion that was strong enough. We are happy to help with a product that solves their challenge in a fast and efficient way.