Montering af gummi på stålrør til vindmøller

Mounting of rubber on steel pipes for wind turbines

The large steel pipes seen in the pictures are manufactured by Bladt Industries and will be used for offshore wind turbine foundations for Kaskasi Offshore Windfarm.

All steel pipes have been fitted with rubber via the manufacturing process "hot vulcanization" - a technique that RG Rom Gummi A / S has worked with for +30 years and are specialists in. Vulcanization is a combination of heat and pressure, and the advantage of vulcanization is, that it gives the rubber 100% bond on the workpiece and is subsequently extremely durable. The extraordinary durability of the rubber is necessary in the offshore wind turbine foundations and in the entire offshore and energy industry in general.

We have a total of 7 autoclaves (vulcanization furnaces), where our largest furnace can vulcanize items up to 10 meters in length. Every day we vulcanize different items with rubber or PUR in different sizes, for very different purposes.