Renovation of fish pump hose

We had to use one of our warehouses, as we had to renovate it approx. 50 meter long fish pump hose.
A lot has happened since 1983, when RG Rom Gummi A / S started producing and renovating rubber products for the local fishing cutters in Lemvig and the surrounding area. But one thing that has not changed is that of course we still produce and renovate rubber products for the fishing industry.

The hose that we have renovated has its place on the vessel L349 Birgitte on a daily basis, and is used for transporting fish from the net up into the vessel's tank. With our renovation, we have repaired the hose's wear and marks quickly and efficiently, so that it is functional again.

This is a much faster and cheaper solution, compared to if you had to invest in a new hose that costs between 600 - 1,400 DKK / meter. With our specially developed rubber for the fishing industry, the customer gets a result that corresponds to a new hose.