Inside protection with rubber

RG Rom Rubber extends the life of suction heads for sweepers by fitting a durable and protective layer of rubber on the inside of the suction head. The suction head is exposed to hard wear due to sand and stones, and without the protective layer of rubber would have to be replaced with a new suction head. With the durable and protective layer of rubber, the life of the suction heads is significantly extended, which means that the sweeper achieves a longer operating time, while the suction head does not have to be replaced.

RG Rom Gummi are specialists in the protection of exposed wear parts with technical rubber. The rubber is mounted on the exposed surfaces and forms a durable layer that extends the life of the wear part significantly. To achieve the strongest and most durable surface, the rubber is mounted via. hot vulcanization in our autoclave, which provides the strongest adhesion and abrasion resistance.