Non-slip, high friction ability and soft rubber solution for transport and securing of wind turbine blades

High friction ability, non-slip and the right hardness - these three specifications were some of the requirements for this special rubber solution.

The final solution is used for transport and securing of wind turbine blades, where the rubber ensure a gentle, safe and efficient transport.

The type of rubber we have used is a special EPDM that complies with the requirements in terms of hardness and contamination. Although the rubber must have a good durability, it's important that the rubber not is too hard as it will affect the friction ability, and at the same time, the rubber must not make any marks on the blades. 
The rubber plate itself, which we have mounted on the steel blank, is molded / hot vulcanized in our press department for e.g. to ensure the best and most beautiful result with the right dimensions and patterns.

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