Sugelæber og sugemåtter til vakuumløft

Vacuum lifting

We are capable of delivering suction accessories for all kinds of vacuum lifting equipment, so employees are spared, and lifting and handling of heavy items is easy to handle. We supply both suction lips for e.g. handling of sacks, barrels or tiles, but also suction mats for vacuum lifting of e.g. wood, paper or plastic.

The finished blanks are made of a soft foamed rubber material, which is easily compressed by vacuum suction, and due to the open cell structure of the rubber, it creates a safe and firm suction capacity. Actually, that means the rubber blank acts as a suction cup.

We have very different raw materials in stock, and can deliver finished items within a short time. We can supply items such as. is assembled into rings, cut out according to technical drawing or with self-adhesive to facilitate assembly.