In-house manufacturer of products and solutions in rubber, - plastic og foam

Valuable knowhow

Our +38 years of knowhow and in-house competencies and machinery means that we can offer a wide range of products and solutions that fit 100% according to your requirements specification and needs. We are happy to share our knowledge with materials and advise you on which solution is best suited.

Fast production and express deliveri

We know that downtime in your production is costly and every second counts. Therefore you can always get in touch with us 24/7 all days in the week. We have a flexible and efficient in-house production in DK, and are willing to work at night, so we can have your items ready the next morning.

The right quality

We can produce in (almost) all kinds of rubber qualities and we gladly advise you on which quality pays off best for the project. We use reputable European raw material suppliers, and also offer rubber products that are FDA approved, food-grade, detectable, or can be included in Ecolabelled constructions.


Our production will be closed in week 29 - 30 due to summer holiday.

Experience our competences and machinery

Here you can see and read about our different competecens of production we handle in-house.


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