We offer durable and hard-wearing stable mats and rolls for pig pens, cattle pens and horse pens. The stable mats help ensure a good stable environment for the animals and are easy to install. In addition to this, the mats can also help to increase blood circulation in the animals.

The rubber mats are produced in a high quality, which is easy to clean, and with a non-slip surface. The mats can, for example, be used for: pig transport, cattle transport, horse trailers, kicking boards for horses, bedding for cattle and horse boxes.

We produce the stable mats in standard sizes. But if you need other sizes or other mat types, we will be happy to find a solution.


RG M10
2000x1000 x10 mm


RG M17-1
1100 x 700 x 17 mm.

RG M17-2
1200 x 600 x 17 mm.

RG R10-1
30000 x 1800 x 10 mm.

RG R10-2
30000 x 2000 x 10 mm.

RG R17-1
20000 x 2000 x 17 mm.

RG R17-2
20000 x 2400 x 17 mm.