Rubber fenders for any purpose

We are able to supply fenders for many different applications. Rubber fenders are used for ships, harbours, lorries and much more.

Durable fenders

All our fender types can be ordered with an additional screed layer to increase the durability and longevity. Our own custom-designed marine rubber RG60 is perfect for this.

Everything from standard sizes to custom measurements

We produce the fenders in standard sizes. But if you need other sizes or other fenders, we would be happy to find a solution.

200 x 200mm
Price from: EUR 109,- pr. mtr.
150 x 150mm
Price from: EUR 68,- pr. mtr.
150 x 150mm
Price from: EUR 109,- pr. mtr.
100 x 100mm
Price from: EUR 40,- pr. mtr.
Special Fender
- customized
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Do you have a specific fender or a request for a custom solution in mind? We would like to count on it. Receiving an offer is free and non-binding.

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Jesper Berg Kristensen

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