We are able to deliver many different products for the fisheries industry, and have delivered products to fishers throughout Europe for many years.

More than 30 years of experience

With more than 30 years of experience in the production of rubber products for fisheries, we consider ourselves specialists in the field. RG60 is a marine rubber that we have developed specifically for fisheries.

Everything from standard sizes to custom measurements

We produce fisheries products in standard sizes. But if you need other sizes or other products, we would be happy to find a solution.


Rubber belts
- For all kind of haulers
Red belts
- For deep sea haulers
Rubber balls
- For all types of nethaulers
Netclearer balls
- For netclearer machines
- For plastic and rubber balls
Red covers
- For plastic and rubber balls
Net drums
- For deep sea net haulers
Purse seine fishing
- All for purse seine fishing
Rubber on rolls
- For deep sea net haulers
Mechanical assembly
- For assembly of belts
- End bearings - Valves - Rubber strops

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CEO and Production Manager

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Jesper Berg Kristensen

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