RG Safety Bumpers

RG Safety Bumper protect employees and equipment from collisions on corners, edges, pipes and other exposed surfaces. All Safety Bumpers are made with a soft center core of polyurethane foam, and polyurethane foil as a wear layer..

Safety Bumpers in high-quality

The RG Safety Bumper are UV resistant and can withstand moisture and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. The Safety Bumper are also fire tested according to DIN 4102 B2 and UL 94 HB / 10 mm.

The Safety Bumper are as standard equipped with a strong adhesive tape that adheres to clean and grease-free surfaces but is also available with magnet.

Everything from standard sizes to custom measurements

All our Safety Bumper are standard in 1, 5- and 50-meter rolls, but can easily be cut to fixed dimensions as needed.

The Safety Bumpers are available as standard with black / yellow marking and are also available in eg. red / white, fluorescent, luminescent and reflective.



Type A
Ø40 with 90° cut
Type: Corner protection
Type B
Ø40 with 8mm. track
Type: Edge protection
Type C
40x30 mm. 
Type: Surface protection
Type D
50x20 mm.
Type: Surface protection
Type E
26x26 mm.
Type: Corner protection
Type F
40x11 mm. 
Type: Surface protection
Type G
26 mm. with 8mm. track
Type: Edge protection
Type H
47x47 mm.
Type: Corner protection

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