RG Rom Gummi - supplier of TMP Cranes for the offshore industry

RG Rom Gummi have become supplier of TMP Sea-Cranes for the fishing and offshore industry.

Sea-cranes in the highest quality

The sea-cranes are manufactured in Domex quality-steel with certificate. The steel is fine-franed which gives outstanding bending-qualities, high fracture-limits and lower weight for the crane.

From standard to custom sizes

The sea-cranes are produced in standard sizes, but can easily be modified to fit your needs. Just give us a call and we will be gladly to help you.

TMP Sea-Cranes:
Straight-boom crane 2 - 17 Tm
Knuckle-boom crane 3 - 12 Tm
Fixed-boom crane 2 - 20 Tm
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Do you have a specific sea-crane or a request for a custom solution in mind? We would like to count on it. Receiving an offer is free and non-binding.

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Jesper Berg Kristensen

CEO and Production Manager

smartphone+45 2174 5077


Jesper Berg Kristensen

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