Rubber patches in multiple sizes

We are able to supply rubber patches for many different applications. Rubber patches are mostly used for inflatable balls for the fishing industry, fenders, or conveyer belts.

Glue and patches

Our rubber patches all bonds together with glue from Rom Gummi, se glue for patches and much more under Adhesives. Give us a call and we will help you match rubber patches with the fitting glue.

Everything from standard sizes to custom measurements

Rubber patches are produced in standard sizes as underneath, but if you need a larger patch or have a special request, we can also help you with that.

PP3 Rubber patch
Dim: Ø55
Full box: 44pcs.
Price: EUR 59,40,- pr. box.
PP4 Rubber patch
Dim: Ø75
Full box: 32pcs.
Price: EUR 52,80,- pr. box.
PP5 Rubber patch
Dim: Ø95
Full box: 10pcs.
Price: EUR 26,- pr. box.
PP8 Rubber patch
Dim: 102x44mm
Full box: 35pcs.
Price: EUR 66,50,- pr. box.
PP11 Rubber patch
Dim: 255x54mm
Full box: 10pcs.
Price: EUR 75,- pr. box.
RG Rubber knife
For cutting of rubber.
Incl. add. knifes.
Price: EUR 452,- pr. pcs.
RG Repair kit

Patches, Glue, Pump and grinding paper.

Price: EUR 65,- pr. pcs.
RG Hand roll
For application of rubber.
Dim: Ø50x140mm
Price: EUR 17,- pr. pcs.

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